Antares plays works by Peter Lieberson and Roger Reynolds

Roger Reynold: Shadowed Narrative (1978-81, clarinet, violin, cello, piano)

Other work on disc:
Tashi Quartet (1978) by Peter Lieberson

Liner notes by Eric Huebner, Peter Lieberson and Roger Reynolds
Primary Artist(s): Antares
Label: New Focus Recordings FCR112
Dates of recording: 2006, 2009
Recording, editing, mastering: Joe Kucera, Paul Zinman


“Both works on this recording were originally composed for the renowned chamber group Tashi in 1978. The two pieces represent significant developments in the creative output of these American composers. In the case of Reynolds's Shadowed Narrative, the composer for the first time engages his passion for the literature and prose of Gabriel Garcia-Marquez.”                                                                                                          - from Eric Huebner's liner notes

“I was startled as Antares began to play. The music came alive in a way that I was unprepared for; the ease with which they were able to enter, as an ensemble, my and Garcia-Marquez's world of rantings, musings, and meandering simulacra was something of a shock.”                                                                                                                           - from Roger Reynolds's liner notes

“… Inspired by the writing of Gabriele Garcia-Marques, Reynolds explores the idea of a narrative of four simultaneous voices. In each movement, one of the voices moves to the forefront while the others are barely audible. Within each movement, textures shift and different voices come to the forefront, as if providing musical commentary to the primary “speaking voice”. … lines that are beautiful, interesting and surprising. There are many wonderful colors and technical passages that are both virtuosic and poetic.”
                                                                                                     - Clarinet Magazine, David Shea (March 2011)