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Roger Reynolds: Coconino … a shattered landscape

(1985, revised 1993)
String quartet

Other works by:
Beethoven, Conlon Nancarrow, Ruth Crawford-Seeger, Iannis Xenakis

Liner notes by Eric Salzman in English

Primary Artist(s): Arditti String Quartet (Irvine Arditti, David Alberman, Levine Andrade, Rohan de Saram)

Label: Gramavision R2 79440

Recording, editing and mastering: Josef Kucera (1989)

Coconino … a shattered landscape was written for the Arditti Quartet (and dedicated to them). Coconino is named after the Arizona county where the Grand Canyon “and other natural improbabilities” are situated. Reynolds has translated this landscape into sound. He was attracted to the land's “unique discontinuity, in the way in which geographical forces have inexplicably shattered topographic norms.” The piece constantly tests and stretches the meaning of musical continuity.

– from the liner notes by Eric Salzman

"... Coconino is also a rich and remarkable study in oppositions: oppositions of linearity and non-linearity, contrasting register formations, pitch structures, timbres, and gestures. Often these oppositions interpenetrate, projecting a sense of multiple, simultaneously evolving strata of dramatically differing types of sonic matter fused together as if by a welder's torch..."

– from a review by Thomas DeLio, in Computer Music Journal,
Vol. 26, No. 2 (Summer 2002), pp. 103-107