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Coconino... a shattered landscape
(1985, revised 1993, string quartet)

Visions (1991, string quartet)

Kokoro (1992, solo violin)

Ariadne's Thread (1994, string quartet)

Focus a beam, emptied of thinking, outward... (1989, solo cello)

Liner notes by Ciro G. Scotto, in English and French.
Primary Artist(s): Arditti String Quartet (Irvine Arditti, David Alberman, Levine Andrade, Rohan de Saram)
Montaigne 782083 (2 CD)
Dates of recording: 1994, 1996 Editing and Mastering: Joe Kucera
Recording, editing and mastering: Joe Kucera

About Coconino... a shattered landscape:
Arising from the eventful scenery of Coconino... (1985, revised 1993) and the mysterious Visions for string quartet (1992), Kokoro for solo violin (1993) presents a labyrinth of expanding strings, without any immediate markers. Ariadne's Thread (1994), with its entanglement of uninterrupted sounds for string quartet and electronics, is the final secret passage leading to the bright regions of Focus a beam, emptied of thinking, outward... for solo cello (1989), a vast space for meditative reflection.   
                                                                               -from the liner notes by Ciro G. Scotto