Roger Reynolds: Electroacoustic Music

The Ivanov Suite (1991)

Versions/Stages (1988-91)

Liner notes by Mark Swed

Label: New World 80431-2

Dates of recording: 1988-91
Recording, editing, mastering: Josef Kucera


What makes Reynolds’s music rich and interesting is that the various wings of his musical house are not entirely compartmentalized. Even at his most experimental, as in Versions/Stages, Reynolds retains a grounding in the world of concert music. Unwilling to give up what he calls the vitality of natural sound, he uses the computer as a means to explore in depth the properties and hidden beauties of the sound of a wave or a flutist breathing into her instrument. That hypersensuality of sound often finds a visceral equivalent in both Reynolds’s concert and theater music, just as his theatrical side can enliven the experiments. Moreover, both formal abstraction and a frequent underriding poetic content … characterize nearly all of Reynolds’s diverse musical productions. On this program, for instance, bits of experimental music find their way into the theater while concert excerpts are fodder for the computer lab.

from the liner notes