Epigram and Evolution: Complete Piano Works of Roger Reynolds (2009)

Fantasy for Pianist (1964, piano)

imAge/piano (2007, piano)

Epigram and Evolution (1960, piano)

Variation (1988, piano)

imagE/piano (2007, piano)

Traces (1968, flute, piano, live electronics)

Less Than Two (1978, for 2 pianos, 2 percussionists and tape)

The Angel of Death (1998-2001, piano, chamber orchestra & computer processed sound)

Liner notes by Yuji Takahashi.
Primary Artist(s): Eric Huebner, Yuji Takahashi, Marilyn Nonken, Jean-Charles François, Delores Stevens, pianists, Karen Reynolds, flute, Lin Barron, cello, Allan Johnson, live electronics, Daniel Dunbar, Daryl Pratt, percussion, The Slee Sinfonietta, Magnus Märtensson, conductor
Label: mode 212/213
Dates of recording: 1984 - 2004
Recording, editing, mastering: Joe Kucera, James Campbell, J.T. Rinker, Norio Sato

“What do I hear in his pieces? Attack after attack. At the same time, though, in a musical sense, I also hear bittersweet chords built upon combined thirds, sounding Western-European or I might even say Northern: trembling, rolling, wandering or sweeping masses of sound. Listening through it we feel as though we are being pushed around by forces beyond human imagination.”
                                                                                                                         - from Yuji Takahashi's liner notes