Roger Reynolds: ...From Behind the Unreasoning Mask
(CD & LP)

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Roger Reynolds:
...from behind the unreasoning mask (1975, trombone, percussion, and tape)

Other works on disc:
Ceremony II (1974) by Paul Chihara
Suite for Harp and Wind Quintet (1950) by Chou Wen-Chung
Earthlight (1973) by Earl Kim

Liner notes by Tom Johnson in English
Primary Artist(s): Miles Anderson, trombone; Tom Rainer, percussion; many others
Label: New World 80237-2
Dates of recording: 1977, 1998
Recording: Carson Taylor, Jerry Bruck, Stan Tonkel, Buddy Graham
Editing: Jerry Bruck, Don Van Gordon, Stan Tonkel
Mastering: Dirk Sobotka

About ...from behind the unreasoning mask: In the trombone part at the beginning of the Reynolds one also hears notes that are much more than simply notes. They could perhaps be better described as wails or gestures. Reynolds is particularly inventive in his exploration of sounds in this piece, with many special instrumental effects, such as the hum-and-play passages in the trombone. And the tape part, of course, explores a broad palette of colors as well.
                                                                                                                    – from liner notes