Roger reynolds: The Paris Pieces

(1989-92, two singers, ensemble, and computer sound)

Summer Island (1984, oboe and computer sound)

Archipelago (1982-83, ensemble and computer sound)

Autumn Island (1986, marimba)

Fantasy for Pianist (1964, piano)

Liner notes by Peter Szendy in French and English and by Risto Nieminen in French, translated into English by Anne Giannini.
Primary Artist(s): Ensemble Intercontemporain, conducted by David Robertson and Peter Eötvös; Marie Kobayashi, voice; Philip Larson, voice; Jacqueline Leclair, oboe; Steven Schick, percussion; Scott Dunn, piano
Label: Neuma 450-91 (2 CD)
Dates of recording: 1983; 1993-95
Recording and editing: Daniel Raguin, Paul Weyrac, Frank Cunningham, Didier Arditti, Josef Kucera Mastering: Josef Kucera

About Odyssey:
Reynolds’ work, instead of trying to put words to music (or music to words), attempts to create a space of/for the voice, within the continuity of the Voicespace cycle he undertook in 1975: “from one mind through two written languages to one executant who becomes the vessel for two spoken languages that reach the single auditor, a cyclicity of the unitary and
the multiple.”
                                                                                      from Szendy’s liner notes