Roger Reynolds: Three Circuitous Paths

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Transfigured Wind III
(1984, flute, ensemble, and tape)

Ambages (1965, flute)

Mistral (1985, chamber ensemble)

Liner notes by Stephen Soderberg in English
Primary Artist(s): Rachel Rudich, flute; June in Buffalo Ensemble, Harvey Sollberger, conductor; Jesse Levine, conductor
Label: Neuma 450-102
Dates of recording: 2002
Recording: June in Buffalo staff
Editing: Chris Mercer
Mastering: Josef Kucera

About Reynolds’ music:

The three works on this CD are linked in various ways, not the least of which is the common element wind. Ambages and Transfigured Wind III both feature a wind instrument, the solo flute. But Mistral, while it also employs wind instruments (brass) with strings and harpsichord, is more fundamentally “wind-built” … its construction principles originating in Reynolds’ form-musings on the famously brutal wind in the south of France. .
                                                                                                                                       -liner notes