Roger Reynolds

Personae (1990, violin, ensemble, and tape)

The Vanity of Words [Voicespace V] (1986, tape)

Variation (1988, piano)

Liner notes by Thomas DeLio and Roger Reynolds in English
Primary Artist(s): SONOR ensemble; Rand Steiger, conductor; János Négyesy, violin; Philip Larson, baritone; Aleck Karis, piano Label: Neuma 450-78 © 1992
Dates of recording: not indicated
Recording, editing, mastering: Josef Kucera

About Variation:

What interested me most in composing Variation was the notion that transformations of meaning could occur entirely as a result of changes of context. In this work there is no transposition of thematic materials, nor any thematic development; none of the tactics by means of which musical ideas have traditionally evolved are in play here. The listener is faced with only the thing itself heard in changing relationship to itself.

                                                                                                         – from Reynolds liner notes