Roger Reynolds: Process and Passion

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Focus a beam, emptied of thinking, outward... (1989)

Process and Passion (2002)
Violin, cello, and electronics

Liner notes by Mark Menzies, Hugh Livingston, and Roger Reynolds

Primary Artist(s): Mark Menzies, Violin; Hugh Livingston, Cello

Label: Pogus P21032-2 (2 CD)

Date of recording: 2004

Recording, editing, and mastering: Josef Kucera

About Focus a beam...:
Like a modern look at a Baroque solo suite combined with a set of classical variations, Focus considers the instrument, its melodic and figurative linearity and its double stop potential, and provides a neatly wrapped package of "views" of the rhythmic pattern and a tone row that does much to unify the linear identity of gestures. Passages with double stops alternate with flying finger-slurred miniatures where fleeting recognition of the opening, signal gestures offers an impelling force that drives to the final simplicity of the closing section: pure again, single notes with occasional vestigial flickering, open strings and harmonics, some warmth from stopped notes, but overall a nearly headlong pace which shows that there is no room for relaxation even in the final glowing moments of the inclonclusive search that the composition represents.

– from Livingston’s liner notes