Roger Reynolds: SanctUary (2011)

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Sanctuary (2004-2007)
Percussion quartet & live electronics

Liner notes by Roger Reynolds,
Steven Schick and Ross Karre

Primary Artist(s): Steven Schick, Solo percussion, red fish blue fish: Justin DeHart, Ross Karre, Fabio Oliveira, Greg Stuart, percussion, Jacob Sudol, Ian Saxton, Jaime Oliver, audio processing and software design

Label: mode 232/33

Dates of recording: 2008-2009

Recording, editing, mastering: Josef Kucera, Ross Karre (video)

This 2-DVD set includes features as well as two complete performances of Reynolds’s three-movement, evening-long work for percussion and real-time computer processing: as performed at the National Gallery of Art, and in an “Integrated Perspective Recording” conceived and realized by Ross Karre at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technologies. Steven Schick on the genesis of Sanctuary: “Soon enough, the conversation got out of control. As we talked we began sketching. Finishing just before coffee, we had created a skein of spidery interwoven drawings that hinted at a broadly unifying theory of the percussive art. Sound was connected to structure; movement to memory; choreography to perceptual impact. The goal of producing a DVD of Sanctuary and not simply an audio CD reflects our desire to represent non-sounding as well as the sounding qualities of percussion. Now hearing and seeing the final product I am happy to be reminded of the now-lost drawing that represented a dream to touch the ineffable – to put hands on the untouchable signals and impulses that live at the core of our art.”

Steven Schick