Roger Reynolds: The serpent-snapping eye (Vinyl)

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"…the serpent-snapping eye..."

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…the serpent-snapping eye
... (1978)
Trumpet, percussion, piano, and tape

Other composers on the recording:
Arthur Kriger
Alice Shields

Liner notes by Roger Reynolds

Primary Artist(s): Edwin Harkins, Trumpet; Cecil Lytle, Piano; Daryl Pratt, Percussion

Label: Composer Recodings. Inc., CRI SD 495

Date of recording: 1984

Recording: Josef Kucera

... the serpent-snapping eye ... was composed for trumpet, percussion, piano and 4-channel tape. The phrase quoted in the title comes from The Quarterdeck chapter of Moby Dick. … The work is 19 minutes long, divided into three, roughly equal sections. … the structure … is based upon various series of gradually expanding and contrasting durations… the shape of each component instrumental phrase parallels one of three models used to program the computer in synthesizing the sounds that appear on the tape. Thus, the models for electronic sounds find a second, more flexible expression in the activities of the live performers.”

– from Reynolds’s liner notes