Roger Reynolds: Spectrum: New American Music (Vinyl, LP, stereo)

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Quick are the Mouths of Earth

by Roger Reynolds

Other composers on the recording:
Fredic Myrow

Liner notes: Eric Salzman

Primary Artist(s): Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, and Arthur Weisberg, Conductor

Label: Nonesuch H-71219

Date of release: 1969

Recording: Marc Aubort

Quick Are the Mouths of Earth attempts to manifest the literal meanings of the words in the title (from Virginia Woolf). Quick was an arduous compositional project completed in Italy after experiencing an electrifying performance of Carter's Double Concerto conducted by Bruno Maderna, in Berlin. I had felt the necessity of responding, and did so in a notably impractical fashion. It was by chance that Arthur came upon the score in the offices of the Rockefeller Foundation and decided to premiere it at Lincoln Center.

– Roger Reynolds