Roger Reynolds: Watershed (1998) (DVD)

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Watershed IV (1995)
Percussion and real-time sound spatialization

Eclipse (1979)
Computer generated and processed sound

The Red Act Arias [excerpt] (1997)
For 8-channel computer sound

Liner notes by Roger Reynolds

Primary Artist(s): Steven Schick, TRAnSiT (Peter Otto, Miller Puckette, Reynolds, Josef Kucera, and Timothy Labor), Ed Emshwiller, Phillip Larson, Carol Plantamura

Label: mode 70

Date of recording: 1997

Recording, editing, mastering: Josef Kucera

“Roger Reynolds's Watershed IV is a piece in the most visually alive musical medium: the percussion solo. More than that, it is played, in this world premiere performance, by a musician who is wonderful to watch as well as to hear: Steven Schick. Schick's actions do not exactly speak louder than the musical words he utters, but they certainly enhance their effect, beyond what could be imagined from just an audio recording. Furthermore, we cannot ignore the role of computer processing. When sound is moved in space – taken conspicuously away from the site of action – suddenly there is another intelligence involved, another person in the room. Thus, Watershed IV becomes a drama on a second level, between the musician we see and this other one.”

from liner notes by Paul Griffiths Reviews

“I found the "Raindrops" section a particularly engrossing piece as the surrounding forest of percussion is chaotically stimulated to reveal an imaginary landscape radiating outward into far darkness. I soon discovered that a mild elevation of rear-channel levels centered this sonic landscape in my room, at which point I ignored the visual image in favor of the hemisphere of sound projected far beyond the walls, stretching into the distance all around--full immersion. The larger drums seem to ripple the floor as percussive wave fronts pass, smaller sources hang in space around you, gongs and cymbals shimmer from the depths beyond.”

– Barry Rawlinson, The Perfect Vision, Issue 26, 1999