Roger Reynolds: Whispers Out of Time
[works for orchestra] (2007)

[Myths] (1990)

Whispers Out of Time (1988)

Symphony [Vertigo] (1987)

Liner notes by Harvey Sollberger CD

Primary Artist(s): Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Cleveland Chamber Symphony, La Jolla Symphony Orchestra

Label: mode 183

Dates of recording: 1990, 1999, 2003 respectively

Recording, editing, mastering: Nippon Hoso Kyokai, Bruce Gigax, Josef Kucera, Steve Puntolillo, Sonicraft

“Reynolds's music presents a particular paradox: on the level of detail it is intimate, while on a broader scale it is epic. The music is both the very considerable experience itself and a gateway to evoking and connecting sensations, intuitions, myths, patterns, impulses, ideas and processes in what might be likened to a series of criss-crossing paths and maze-like passage-ways. The pleasure of Reynolds's music, the jouissance in it, I would hazard, lies in its invitation to tread, explore and inhabit these passages and chambers, these vivid worlds crafted in and through sound.”

– from Sollberger's liner notes

“[There are] two driving forces in Reynolds’s music: on one side, the care for the specific and particular, the insistence on limited timbric coloration; on the other, an impressiveness of sound masses in constant motion which provoke outbursts of noteworthy force and power. The nearest point of reference here is Xenakis, for the universal and mythic grandeur one hears. Reynolds is a figure not at all typical of the American scene. This is a front-ranking composer.”

– Contemporenea, Pericarlo Poggio