Updated 9 October 2017

Aether (1983) 22'
Violin, Piano
First performance: 29 October 1983
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
János Négyesy, Violin, Cecil Lytle, Piano
Commissioned by The McKim Fund in the Library of Congress

Ambages (1965) 9.5'
Solo Flute
First performance: October 1965
Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Karen Reynolds, Flute

Autumn Island (Islands from Archipelago: II) (1986) 13'
Solo Marimba
First performance: 7 November 1986
Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, Gordon Stout, Marimba
Commissioned by a National Endowment for the Arts Consortium Award

The Behavior of Mirrors (1985-1986) 6.5'
Solo Guitar
First performance: 9 February 1986
92nd Street Y, New York, David Starobin, Guitar
Commissioned by David Starobin

Colombi Daydream (2010) 7'45"
Solo Cello
First performance: 12 February 2011
Mystery Variations (31 short works based on the Chiacona by Giuseppe Colombi)
Anssi Karttunen, Cello
Festival Présences (Radio France), Théâtre du Châtelet

A Crimson Path (2000-2008) 26'30"
Cello and Piano
First performance (movements I and III): 29 September 2000
Rohan de Saram, Cello, Druvi de Saram, Piano
Parma, Italy

First performance (movement I): 10 May 2000
Rencontres d'ensembles de violoncelles, Beauvais, France
Rohan de Saram, Cello, Druvi de Saram, Piano
Movement I commissioned by Rencontres d'ensembles de violoncelles

First performance of complete version (movements I, II, III): 15 November 2002
Christopher Roy, Cello, Pascale Berthelot, Piano
Why Note? Festival
Dijon, France
Complete version commissioned by Festival Why Note?

This work is co-commissioned by Rencontres d'ensemble de violoncelles in Beauvais
and by the Why Note? Festival in Dijon

NB The complete revised version has not yet been premiered (2015)

Solo Guitar, Real-time algorithmic transformation

Epigram and Evolution, cf. PIANO
Solo Piano

Fantasy for Pianist, cf. PIANO
Solo Piano

Focus a beam, emptied of thinking, outward... (1989) 11'
Solo Cello
First performance: 27 February 1992
Merkin Concert Hall, New York, Rohan de Saram, Cello

imagE/cello & imAge/cello, cf. STRINGS
Solo Cello

imagE/contrabass & imAge/contrabass, cf. STRINGS
Solo Contrabass

imagE/guitar & imAge/guitar (2009)
Solo Guitar
First performance: 3 March 2011
Pablo Gómez Cano, Guitar
The Phillips Collection
Washington, DC

imAge/flute (2014)
Solo Flute
First performance: 19 November 2014
Rachel Beetz, Flute
XI FESTIVAL Internacional de MÚSICA NUEVA Monterrey 2014
Teatro del Centro de las Artes
Monterrey, México

imagE/flute (2009)
Solo Flute
First performance: 9 May 2012
Rachel Beetz, Flute
Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
La Jolla, California

imagE/violin & imAge/violin, cf. STRINGS
Solo Violin

imagE/piano & imAge/piano, cf. PIANO
Solo Piano

The Image Machine, cf. ELECTROACOUSTIC
Real-time interactive computer music

Kokoro (1991-1992) 18'
Solo Violin
First performance: 30 January 1993
Le Botanique, Brussels, Irvine Arditti, Violin
Commissioned by Irvine Arditti with funds from the British Arts Council

Solo Contrabass, Real-time algorithmic transformation

Mosaic (1962) 10'
Solo Flute (Piccolo), Piano
First performance: 25 May 1962
ONCE Event, Michigan State University, Lansing
Karen Hill, Flute (Piccolo), Bob James, Piano

The Palace [Voicespace IV] (1978-80) 16'
(Modest staging) Bass Baritone, Quadraphonic
computer processed sound
Text: poem The Palace of Jorge Luis Borges
First performance: 28 February 1981
Contemporary Music Festival 1981, CalArts, Los Angeles
Philip Larson, Bass-Baritone
Commissioned by a National Endowment for the Arts Award

Shifting/Drifting, cf. ELECTROACOUSTIC
Violin, Real-time algorithmic transformation

Sketchbook (for The Unbearable Lightness of Being) (1985) 30'
Low female voice accompanying herself at the piano,
electronic processing
Text drawn from The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a novel by Milan Kundera
First performance: 14 May 1985
Symphony Space, New York, Joan La Barbara

Summer Island (Islands from Archipelago: I) (1984) 11'30"
Solo Oboe, Quadraphonic computer processed sound
First performance: 7 November 1984
Interlink Festival, Tokyo, James Ostryniec, Oboe
Commissioned by Randolph S. Rothschild

Toward Another World: LAMENT, cf. ELECTROACOUSTIC
Solo Clarinet, Real-time algorithmic transformation

Transfigured Wind I (1984) 9'
Solo Flute
First performance: 19 May 2003
Reiko Manabe, Flute
Mandeville Center for the Arts, University of California, San Diego

Transfigured Wind IV (1985) 18'
Solo Flute, Quadraphonic computer processed sound
First performance: 10 February 1985
Lincoln Center, New York City, Robert Aitken, Flute
Commissioned by Robert Aitken

Variation, cf. PIANO
Solo Piano

Watershed I (1995) 27.5'
Solo Percussion
First performance: 1 December 1995
Manhattan School of Music, New York, Steven Schick, Percussion

Solo Percussion, Real-time computer sound spatialization